Case Study:

Homefield Apparel

Google rev 504% YOY

Total rev 77% YOY




Company Size

Growing (11-50 employees)

Services Used


Social & Search Ads

The Company:

Homefield Apparel came to Coast with the goal of scaling their Google Ads efforts efficiently and profitably.

The Challenge:

The current Google account was hovering around a 3x ROAS with the majority of spend allocated towards hyper-segmented Google Shopping campaigns. Additionally, apparel is a very competitive market and the brand needed to stand out amongst the crowd.

The Solution:

The first thing that the Coast team did was upgrade the Google Shopping campaigns to Google’s newest campaign type, Performance Max. During this time, Coast also consolidated the campaigns which allowed them to optimize more efficiently due to the increase in purchase data per campaign.

Coast then expanded the search campaigns using search terms that had converted for Homefield in the past. These high-performing terms were then broken into their own campaigns to drive revenue and scale.

At this point, the Coast team had dramatically increased revenue on the Google side so the strategy shifted to driving incremental revenue through Meta. The resulting success on Meta was driven by strong Video and UGC assets, produced by the Coast team.

The Bottom Line:

Account Structures Built  for Scale

Our creative-testing process allows us to systematically test creative on Meta while our Alpha-Beta structure powers growth on Google.

Modern Campaign Types

Google and Meta continue to automate more and more of their campaigns. The algorithm favors these, and so, they help scale.

Creative Production

Our full service creative team is fed the data from your campaigns to inform data-driven production.