Case Study:

Pro-Lite Surf

Meta ROAS 93.2% YOY

Blended ROAS 650%




Company Size

Small (1-10 employees)

Services Used

Social & Search Ads

The Company:

Pro-Lite came to Coast with the goal of maintaining a 5X ROAS while increasing spend to scale their paid media accounts.

The Challenge:

For anybody familiar with paid media, maintaining such a high ROAS while scaling spend is a daunting task. Typically, an increase in spend can lead to a decrease in efficiency and ROAS. Additionally, the lack of a cohesive creative testing strategy meant that there were not many insights into what asset types, frameworks, or hooks would make the biggest impact.

The Solution:

The Coast team quickly identified that there was an opportunity to implement a more scalable creative strategy and began adding lifestyle images and videos to relevant campaign types. Compared to the feed based ads that were pulling from the client’s Shopify catalog, our creative strategy added an almost immediate boost to ROAS and allowed us to scale spend.

The Coast team also optimized the ad accounts themselves, utilizing modern campaign types such as PerformanceMax and Advantage+ shopping to boost performance on both Google and Meta.

The Bottom Line:

Creative-First Approach

Adjusting the creative strategy at the beginning of the engagement allows us to set a foundation for all future growth.

Modern Campaign Types

Google and Meta continue to automate more and more of their campaigns. The algorithm favors these, and so, they help scale.

Data-Driven Analysis

Our custom reporting tools allow us to identify both creative and performance trends in real time.