Case Study:

The Water Coolest

25,000 subscribers

CPL decrease by 83%




Company Size

Small (1-10 employees)

Services Used


Social Ads

The Company:

The Water Coolest, a newsletter focused on business and financial news, came to Coast to launch their brand and find new subscribers.

The Challenge:

The Water Coolest was launching a newsletter in a space dominated by well-known competitors with large advertising budgets. The client knew that achieving a profitable and scalable CPL would be challenging especially given the effect of IOS updates on Meta advertising.

The Solution:

Based on the content of the newsletter, Coast targeted and split test different audiences with financial interests. Once Coast found a scalable campaign, efficiency was then increased by creating look-a-like audiences based on that success. This granular targeting strategy helped decrease the CPL by 50% within 2 months.

Having already decreased CPL dramatically, Coast when then challenged with how to create additional efficiency within the campaigns and immediately looked at the creative strategy. Identifying an opportunity in education and value-sharing, the Coast creative team crafted UGC-style content to test alongside the existing assets.

Coast’s assets drove increased engagement with the ads and helped decrease CPL even more, leading to an 83% decrease over 8 months.

The Bottom Line:

Creative-First Approach

Adjusting the creative strategy at the beginning of the engagement allows us to set a foundation for all future growth.

Modern Campaign Types

Google and Meta continue to automate more and more of their campaigns. The algorithm favors these, and so, they help scale.

Data-Driven Analysis

Our custom reporting tools allow us to identify both creative and performance trends in real time.