Case Study:

What Goes Around Comes Around

Blended ROAS 445%

Total rev 60% YOY




Company Size

Mid-size (51-200 employees)

Services Used

Social & Search Ads

The Company:

What Goes Around Comes Around, a women’s fashion brand that sells vintage designer clothing, came to Coast not knowing if paid media was right for their business. Historical performance was mixed and efficiency was the top priority.

The Challenge:

Having historically questioned the effectiveness of paid media, WGACA needed to see efficiency and high ROI on paid media spend. An additional challenge was the high cost of vintage designer clothing. Coast knew that AOV would be high but that it would be important to stay in front of potential buyers often.

The Solution:

To tackle the challenges above, Coast had to work closely with the WGACA team to ensure that scaling the accounts would be efficient and within company budgets. Utilizing a dynamic spend model, Coast was able to scale up budgets while still hitting key performance metrics.

On the account level, Coast implemented an alpha-beta campaign structure to provide a strong foundation for testing and campaign optimization. This strategy allows high performing campaigns to have their own budgets, fueling growth, while the testing campaigns continue to look for greater efficiency.

Once this foundation was set, it became important to layer on an aggressive retargeting strategy to stay in front of potential purchasers. Utilizing Meta for dynamic product retargeting, Coast was able to increase ROAS and total revenue dramatically.

The Bottom Line:

Data-Driven Strategy

Our custom reporting tools allow us to identify both creative and performance trends in real time, unlocking growth potential.

Alpha-Beta Campaign Structure

Providing a foundation for growth, the Alpha-Beta structure is the cornerstone of our Google Ads strategy.

Retargeting Strategy

Understanding the purchase funnel and how it relates to AOV is critically important to driving revenue growth and efficiency.