Partner Spotlight: Popsixle

The data gap

Though iOS 14 updates may feel like old news, many brands are still grappling with how to thrive in the new era of marketing born out of Apple’s opt-out-of-tracking policy. 

Here’s a quick refresher on the key consequences of iOS 14:

Machine learning updates have been rolled out to attempt to fill in the gaps, but the reality is this: Most brands — especially small-to-medium-sized businesses — saw the revenue generated by Facebook and Instagram ads take a nosedive. 

So what are brands to do?

Empowering the algorithm

In this new era of digital marketing, empowering the algorithm is the #1 directive of marketing teams. By this we mean…

  1. Fueling campaigns with stand-out creative (and having the testing infrastructure to know what creative works, and quickly iterate on what doesn’t).
  2. Knowing how to take advantage of first-party data.

For the purposes of today’s email, we’re zeroing in on the second bullet point: making the most of your first-party data. 

Enter, Popsixle

For brands on Shopify, Popsixle solves Facebook’s signal loss problem. It is able to package browser information, click information, and de-identified user information and send it back to your Facebook ad account. Because the data coming from your site via Popsixle is compliant and first-party, 100% of your signals are usable. 

This means that Facebook has the data it needs to operate smartly — resulting in campaigns that can actually scale. It also means that brands can kiss wildly fluctuating performance, muddied attribution data, and declining ROAS behind. 

Popsixle 🤝 Facebook Ads

We promised you an easy way to supercharge the performance of your Facebook and Instagram ads — and though the tech powering Popsixle is complex, its use isn’t.

Once the code is up and running on a brand's site, most start to see an immediate improvement in their Facebook ads performance in just a few days. Let’s take a look at an example.

Olive My Pickle x Coast Digital x Popsixle

When Coast Digital activated Popsixle on behalf of Olive My Pickle in April, the brand’s performance saw an almost-instant boost, with daily revenue reported by Facebook jumping up by 30% within a month of implementation. 

Popsixle turned on April 3rd

Since then, the brand has seen 97% growth in weekly purchases, improving ROAS by 6% while scaling up ad spend by over 40%. In all, implementing Popsixle alongside Coast’s strategic approach to performance creative led to an 11.4% in total revenue generated by paid media for the brand. 

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